Definition of a Rudiarius

What type of gladiator was a Rudiarius? A Rudiarius (pl. rudiarii) was a gladiator who had been granted his freedom. His freedom could be obtained if a gladiator bravely distinguished himself in a particular fight or, at some periods during Roman history, had won five fights.


Rudiarius MC was born in 2012 under a different name by a few like minded men who wanted to ride and do good things for the community. In 2018 we changed the name of our club. The MC is stronger now and will continue to grow.

We are RUDIARIUS warriors who have won our freedom by fighting and standing up to those who would chain us. We will ride free or die fighting.

Rudiarius Gladiator

Not really a class of gladiator but more of a status, a rudiarius gladiator was one that had received a rudis, a wooden sword which marked that this gladiator was a free man. Despite having earned their freedom through his combat in the amphitheatre, what marked this gladiator apart was the fact that they chose to continue fighting, this is what made them a rudiarii.